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Let's go over this again

Firearms serve a useful purpose. We have many dangerous objects in our life, from cars to firearms to knives, but we accept those risks because of the useful function provided by the item. I repeat the question, what useful function is served by an M-80 or Roman Candle? I will be the first to admit that prohibition doesn't work. That does not however, excuse the government from at least TRYING to prohibit those items that can directly impact your safety or wallet, and serve no useful purpose whatsoever. As long as you're depending upon the government to come extinguish your former residence, the government has a right to try and REASONABLY minimize the opportunities for it to burn. Telling you than you can't buy explosive fireworks or those firing flaming projectiles is hardly a Draconian hardship. In that light, when your idiot neighbor burns down your house, you will be punished far greater than your IMAGINARY punishment of being denied the ability to purchase fireworks.... ....but I'm sure you'd rather lose your house or watch a few hundred acres of tinder-dry woods burn up just so that you can light a fuse on a pack of layfingers and watch them go rat-ta-tat-tat. Thankfully working with C3 and C4 for several years got me over the childhood fascination...


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