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"I repeat the question, what useful function is served by an M-80 or Roman Candle?" How about pursuit of happiness...I remember reading that somewhere...just can't remember. I have a BETTER chance of loosing my home to my neighbor tossing his cigarette down on the ground and it blowing over to the pinestraw next to my home. So...we should ban cigarettes too right? I mean, it sounds like they are a HUGE fire hazard that should be CLOSELY controlled and there are PLENTY OF MORONS that toss them out of their windows EVERY SECOND. With your reasoning..guns SHOULD be outlawed, at least sport shooting..serves NO real purpose except to waste lead. Boating...BAN IT..serves NO purpose but to waste gas..IF YOU THINK THOSE SHOOTING OFF FIREWORKS ARE IDIOTS...I INVITE YOU TO VISIT WB this weekend...the morons ABOUND on holiday weekends...what you think "serves no real purpose" might serve a purpose to me. I shouldn't have to live under rules to protect the few morons that would NORMALLY be taken out of the gene pool by nature...wanna be stupid..GO AHEAD... Again...the masses shouldn't be punished for the STUPIDTY of the few. I think...YOU FAIL...try again.


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