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What worthwhile purpose do

What worthwhile purpose do they serve? THEY INTERTAIN ME! (Caps intended) That is all the reason needed for their existence and use by private individuals. Fireworks are no more dangerous, and most are a lot LESS dangerous, than many other things that are already used for entertainment by the general public: E.G. racing cars, racing motorcycles, racing boats, alcohol consumption, pornography, firearms***, recreational use of prescription drugs and / or controlled substances, organized religion, etc. (As an example, if you read the statistics from the NFPA, OSHA, and DOT, more people were seriously injured and killed while participating as spectators to motorsports events in the last 10 years than were as first-hand participants in private fireworks displays.) So much for PERCEIVED versus ACTUAL risk in our society, eh? ***(And don't give me any lip about firearms being "useful". 99% of firearms discharged in this country by private citizens is for entertainment purposes - hunting for trophies rather than meat, target practice, etc.)


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