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How about the traumatized pets?

So I am in my own house and the people across the street decide to finish off their fireworks... almost. The shoot some at 9pm, 11pm, midnight, 1am 2:30 am and finally at 3:50am. Each time my cats and dogs jump out of their skin as the sudden kla-blam! Not to mention me. Last year this was the times they went off. The next morning I found sticks and remnants of fireworks on the roof of my house and all in the flower beds. During the 9pm round, one sailed under a car. It sparkled and banged some. The guys with them ran back into the house. Guess they didn't want to be around for the possible larger bang. Another issue with fireworks: I have received their mail in my box at times by mistake and I know that they get a monthly check (welfare), so how in hell can they afford these $125 boxes of fireworks if they need assistance. There are are lots of things that are dangerous, but this one doesn't just hurt the people using them and most of the time only destroys other people stuff. If they burned down their own house they would reconsider the following year. As for the other things listed, Fireworks are not banned, they are illegal for individual use. Why spend a fortune when you can see a bigger and better display downtown? Just like alcohol is not banned, we just can't drink and drive. I would say let people have them, but it seems recently that it should be called uncommon sense - seeing that most people don't seem to have any ... or at least use it when it is mostly needed.


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