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RE:and I find it rather sad

For all of your knowledge and historical "hog wash", it doesn't change much. It clearly indicates your disgruntle feelings of the government system and their authority to overstep the state. I wish you had the opportunity to be on the recipient of the backlash received from Helm's views, then you may not agree so wholeheartedly. Personally, with or without overstepping the barriers of the Constitution, I'm grateful, at least in this regard, that other authorities were able to speak and enforce justice. If the injustice in NC from past to present wasn't bad enough for some folks; just imagine where we be if the state laws were solely at the discretion of Helms and his counterparts. God have mercy upon us all. BTW - My faith is in a power far greater than the government or the laws that have been implemented in the past, and will be implemented in the future. Of course, you wouldn't understand that because you're too busy badgering the government for everything including giving free lunch to kids during the summer. That alone says alot about you and your view for life.


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