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I have several things to say

I have several things to say about the article and the comment. 1. It is bais for the newspaper to print an article that is so one sided. Why the "foster mother" choose to go public with this is questionable at best. What is she doing looking at the sister's Myspace page and making a determination on her suitablity from this anyway? 2. As a former foster parent to a family member, I can tell you that when ever possible, this is the best situation. The family ties are invaluable to a child, assuming that the family member is suitable. 3. It seems to me that the sister is responsible and mature if she has gone through the consiterable heartache and hassle of a homestudy. Considering that she was only 18 when her baby sister was born, it shows a lot of maturity to wait until she was older to try to assume custody. I'm sure that that social services in Mississippi and North Carolina are holding the sister to the highest standards considering her age and the medical problems of the child. I wonder if the "foster mother" was checked this closely?


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