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been there

I believe family is very important in this. I also don't understand why the foster mother went public with this. Also, when someone becomes a foster parent aren't they informed it is likely to only be a temporary situation?? The sister was only 18 when the child was born and maybe she didnt feel responsible enough to take on this child. However, I do feel that if she has waited this long then she should be given the right to have custody. I dont trust DSS in any state but that is because of their track record with abused children. But it appears this child is wanted by loving caring people. Having grown up in an environment where my family took care of their own on a regular basis, I believe the child should go to the sister. For some of my family members who were not taken in by other family members, I couldn't begin to tell you where they are. However, for those raised and cared for within the family, we still keep in touch and are close knit group. It doesn't always turn out that way but more often than not it does. The foster mother wants whats best for the child?? Let her live with family.


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