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What about the child?

Does anyone here think that the child will not suffer from being removed from the only home she's ever known? Why should the child suffer because her biological parents failed her, and then the state failed her by keeping her in foster care limbo for the most important developmental years? The child will have lost TWO mothers in 2 years, if she's moved again. How can that ever be a GOOD thing? Ever hear of RAD? Think about that when determining what is in the child's best interest. Not who deserves to be raising her or how old they are or what the motivations are to fight for her. Instead, think about rocking that poor child's world to the core, and ripping her out of the safety and security of the arms of who she sees as her mother. How can anyone think that's the best course of action just because in N.C. DNA trumps stability and committment? The child's parental rights to her biological family are severed. Under law, the 20 year old is no longer legally related to the 2 year old, so technically should have no superior biological rights trumping the longterm bond of the foster mother and child. At some point, the child's rights and emotional and psychological needs, need to be addressed. Surely, an arrangement could be made so that both ladies are in this child's life and she loses no one. You can't lose what you never had.


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