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Surely, you are mistaken

Yes, it may be true that by law this child and her blood sister is not legally related. However, you can never mistake her roots. This child will forever have an extended family, whether she knows it or not. Also, just because this child's biological parents failed her doesn't mean that Shelly and Matthew will too. Wait a minute, let's think... This child is small, yes it is in the greatest developmental years. But if you do not stimulate her to begin to develop, how will she grow and learn. Sticking her behind a gate in a corner is not stimulation. Since this child has been under foster care for less than a year now, does not mean that she will not be able to find herself capable to live the life she deserves. Futhermore, you can't denie the fact that these two have a certain bond that no one else can have: coming from the same background and having the same parents. Don't you think that Shelly has learned what kind of person she should not be. Also, psychologically, this child will probably never remember her foster years due to the fact that growth and development of a child's brain does not retain memory until the average ages of 4 to 5. Therefore, it would be harsh to say that her whole world be rocked to a core. She should be placed with her true family. Not the ones who just want publicity.


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