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Fran all but destroyed my home

State Farm wrote me a huge check and I rebuilt. No tax dollars were used at all. You will find that taxes are used to repair public infrastructure, and unless a person is destitute, the government is not paying for their recovery. Though I never applied for emergency FEMA aid as I didn't need it, remember that for most people the aid is in the form of an SBA loan - you have to pay it back. Bear in mind, too, that the two hurricanes that most impacted your insurance rates, Fran and Floyd, destroyed homes hundreds of miles inland. The beach homes destroyed therefore, represented only a small portion of the overal insurance liability, as evidenced by the fact that rates were raised for anyone living East of I-95. Hurricanes are a fact of life, as are tornadoes, fires, and a host of other perils. Using your rationale, people shouldn't be allowed to build homes in the Midwest because of tornadoes, anywhere in the Southwest or West Coast because of fires, or East of Raleigh because of hurricanes. There is risk involved in every aspect of life. I face a double risk, proximity to the coast and a forest fire in the woods surrounding my home. I assure you that my insurance premiums reflect those two risks. That means that I and my insurance company both accept the risks and costs of our arrangement.... ...and THAT'S what it's all about: The freedom to make choices that you can afford.


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