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I believe what cintrek may

I believe what cintrek may be trying to say is for people to quit building along or on the beaches here completely, and if so, I agree. With the hurricane(s) records we have had, it would be smarter to go and play in the middle of the street then to continue to build along or on our beaches. Some people just don't get it, and those that don't are the ones with enough money too get it! I would imagine with the higher cost of homes on the shoreline, just because they are on the beaches, plays a major contributor in insurance adjustments and increases in rates after a hurricane comes through. Pay $200,000 for a home in Fayetteville, same home at Carolina Beach would value in the ball park at (i.e) $450,000 all for just looking at water...water that may come up and swallow your home some summer day, along with others next door to yours and insurance companies writing out checks for damages only to get it back with higher adjustment rates. Now does it make sense? Yes and No...Yes for the insurance companies to protect their monies, No to build there on the beach. Now you get it? At present with Hurricane Bertha out at sea, if it was projected to come along the eastern shores as opposed to turning north now, you would tense up a tad bit more then the family in Fayetteville would, you think???


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