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Hey Dolly!

What about the fact that people have been building on barrier islands for hundreds of years, yet somehow we survive? Everyone out there knows that the right storm at the right time could sweep the island clean. It's an accepted risk of living there.... ...but has anyone heard about any cholera or typhoid outbreaks on Topsail or Wrightsville due to septic tanks with poor drain fields? Any evidence that getting nailed by a wind-driven two-by-four out on the beach is deadlier than in Leland or Castle Hayne? I understand that to the enviroloons the world would be sooooo much better if we abandoned the barrier islands and surrendered them to the shore birds.....but welcome to real life. From Main to Florida to South Padre, millions of people own trillions of dollars worth of property on barrier islands. That's never, EVER going to change. People like living at the beach, and as long as we do it sensibly, there's no harm in it.


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