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I tow in Wilmington and although I don't own the business I can tell you it ain't cheap. Fuel, insurance,storage lot,break downs cause tow trucks do that too. I burn 2 tanks a day on average at $200 a fill up. If you get towed for being illegally parked and you failed to practice looking where your going in my opinion we should be able to charge way more for stupidity. Oh yeah whoever is paying 20 dollars an hour I need their number after 10 years at the same place I make 11 dollars an hour to get out of bed at 3 in the morning to pick up your wrecked or broke down vehicle and that's after a 13 hour shift princess. Also I know Will he's an honest man with a family and if he says the rate needs to rise you can take it to the bank. Most think it's an easy job because they watch these shows on Tv and think oh no problem. A bit of advice (stay on the couch). Good luck with your tow dolly hopefully you aren't struck while trying to load it.


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