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It doesn't matter...

what department "leads" the arrest(s)!!! Either way the alledged criminals all follow the same path after an arrest, the county jail!!! Also, a bond is set and the accused either posts or they don't. Now tell me please how a "sweep" performed by the city will be anymore productive? Both departments have to still follow the same legal steps!! Good job...NHCSD!!! Now if the WPD can match it the "roaches" will be scurrying all over the place!!! I could care less what department does the arrests just so long as they do something!!! If both departments see this drug problem as an opportunity to "one-up" the other I think that's great!! I don't use or deal drugs...put the pressure on those low lifes!!! If the "sweeps" can become a "competition" between the two only the law abiding will reap the benefits. Your comment smells more politically motivated than the drug operation!!!


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