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Glad to see some of my neighbors support me

Well, I guess it's time for me to leave my comment. Some people enjoy bashing me, some enjoy backing me up. Well here it goes....So i noticed the same 2 user names bashing me. I guess thats my 2 neighbors that don't like me. One which was on the board and the other is the one selling their home and asking $20,000 more that what it is appraised for. Let me set the story correct. I don't run an auto shop out of my garage. I work on my cars and motorcycle. Is there anything that states i can not work in my garage? As for the painting cars till 2 am, that's just ridicules. I guess you have nothing better to do then sit at your house and watch me. Get over it, I am married. I do not repo cars and i am not a junk hauler. I am dispatched by 911 call center, just like the police, fire and ems, but the police can park in their driveways,and they are not government vehicles. They are owned by either the city , county or state. Well ok i have taken the time to show everyone what the rules that were adapted when the subdivision was formed. Since the change of hands to the newly voted in HOA, they have changed or revised the rules. You can find these rules at As stated in the declaration , article x General Restrictions, section 12 page 14 , it reads, No boat, motor boat, camper, trailer, school bus,motor home, mobile home, truck rated over 1 (one) ton, or other vehicle similar to any of the same shall be permitted to remain on any lot, or in a parking space on or adjacent to any lot, unless written permission for the same is first obtained from the Declarant or unless the same is properly stored in an enclosed area behind a wooden fence which must be first approved by the Declarant and built in accordance with the Declaration with a minimum height of 6 (six) feet. No motorized or electric, motor bikes or all terrain vehicles (atv's) shall be operated on the properties except for actual authorized maintenance on an individual owner's lot. Ok, so where in that section does it state commercial vehicle? It doesn't. I am guilty of my truck weighing over one ton, as the same to my Chevy S10. one ton = 2000 pounds. 99% of US cars are over one (1) ton. Now if you wanna say tow rating, thats fine also. Any car can tow their own weight. Once again over one (1) ton. Every car and or truck is in violation. Where does it end? The new rules states you can not put your Christmas lights up till 3 weeks prior and they have to be taken down 3 weeks after. So now the HOA is scheduling us when to decorate our homes. I served 4 years in the Marines and a year in the Army and fought for our country for what. Not to have any freedom on how "I" wanna live. Yes i knew about the HOA when I moved in, but then again I have been parking my tow truck there for 3 years now. As for the closest place to "store" my truck over night is not with in 5 minutes. Try 10 - 15, and it's on North College Rd right before you get to the I140 overpass. So even if I did park there, is the HOA gonna pay the $45 month fee? I doubt it. Their other solution is to park in a grocery store's parking lot. I had to laugh at that one. Leave the truck in a parking lot over night, then leave my own car there all day?! Who is to say , even with permission from the store they wouldn't tow away either or? I have went about the proper channels of asking for permission from the board and they keep refusing. This is how i pay my mortgage. I don't bother no one. I keep to myself as well as i can. There are things you will not like about your neighbors but you will get over it. You don't like your neighbors lawn, the color of their car,etc, but you move on with your day with out complaining. So why sit at home and hide behind your little monitor and complain now? You have a problem with the way I live , please feel free and stop by. You obviously know where i live. Thank you!


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