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they are probably not going to use that particular restriction, but the one that references commercial business. Seems to me there is a VERY simple fix to your a fence. I don't live in your neighborhood...however I didn't like it when my neighbor was parking his 30 some foot trailer in the front yard...just not something that is appealing in the neighborhood. If I was trying to sell my home...I would be aggrivated. LUCKILY we discussed this and he understood and keeps it off property, which it was against the restrictions anyway. IF they are changing the restrictions...THEY are in violation as Article XIII Section 3 lays out the procedures for changing them...and it requires signatures from 90 percent of the homeowners. IF I was your neighbor...I wouldn't be happy about the truck being in the driveway all of the time...if it was only once a week or so..probably wouldn't bother me though. However, you need to keep to your word and the agreement you entered into when you purchased your home. NO MATTER if the restrictions weren't enforced before...


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