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Power Trip

The members of an HOA board are just whiners and power-hungry, over-zealous, people, probably with failed political aspirations. It is ridiculous that they try and make rules to govern how people live. When yards and trash pile up, local law enforcement can handle that with Notice of Abatements delivered to the homeowner and if it goes unchanged, then it is enforceable (civilly) through the court system and the property gets cleaned at the owners expense. It works. There is an HOA in my neighborhood, but it did not exist when I moved in and when they formed, I began to receive letters almost threatening me to join, telling me I had no choice and telling me how far behind I was getting in dues. Well, luckily for me, I went to work and typed a nice letter on my law firm's stationary explaining to them that I cannot be forced to join an HOA that previously did not exist (grandfathered), and that I am not behind in any dues , fees or payments of any kind and that I shall receive no more correspondence from them regarding this matter, and it stopped. My advice, AVOID neighborhoods with HOAs and if you find yourself in a newly formed neighborhood where one is forming, unless you are the type of person they are seeking (snoopy, busy-body, etc.), don't join and don't let them bully you into thinking you have to join. Unless the neighborhood has some very nice amenities that it offers and performs the upkeep on like tennis, pools, clubhouse, etc. they are a scam. My neighborhood has an HOA, like I mentioned, and offers NO amenity. We have nothing and when my neighbor complained to them about a street-lamp out, the letter he received from them was that he needed to call Progress Energy so I truly see NOTHING that they provide. I am a true-blue American and believe in individual liberty and freedom and fight all I can for the little guy that gets pushed around by big companies or anyone that keeps lawyers (yes, I am one, too) on retainer just to intimidate those that feel they can't afford one. Everyone that fights the HOA, keep up the GOOD fight!!!!


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