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What should I do?

What should I do if my HOA goes ahead and decides to become a mostly retirement community? I have a family with 3 kids... and lived here for 10 years. Oddly, it appears there is no discrimination legally, regarding age groups and retirement communities. Sounds like the majority decision can decide to push me and my family out of a home. When it comes to what kind of vehicle I have... now, why would people in Whitney Pines of all places be concerned with another person's vehicle? But... anyhow, here's a suggestion I have for you guys... I'm guessing that you're paying HOA fees? This man's LIVELIHOOD is in this truck, and all I see you guys saying is for this guy to inconvenience himself in money and time so you guys can "not live by a junkyard". You've all had 3 years to decide whether you wanted to live by a junkyard... as you call it, and decided to "stay". So, as neighbors SHOULD always have the next neighbor's BEST INTERESTS at heart... you should know it is in this guy's best interest to have his truck with him. Otherwise, just compensation should be made (everyone should pay HOA fees, and a portion of it should be for storage of the truck.) Instead of telling the guy to "find a storage area"... the neighbors should be picking up the phones themselves... and why not post the number of the storage area that agrees to store his truck in this comment section? Why should you guys pay a portion of the storage for the truck? Because you let him live there like this for 3 years. If you say that CAM should have done something about his truck long ago, then you should be fighting CAM about this problem... not the neighbor.. not your neighbor. My goodness, I'm glad I don't live around you guys. All this publicity hurts the sale of your houses, not because of the truck, but because of the terrible attitude that this guy needs to pay to appease your eyes. Back to the whole retirement community business, and having a family within, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do if this happens. But if general America is like you neighbors in Whitney Pines, then it sounds like general southern "Christian" hospitality is nonexistent. Here's a thought... even if you are not willing to pay HOA fees, at least compensate the neighbor or come to some terms where there is "EQUALITY and FAIRNESS" and of course some kind of compromise between you guys so this guy with the truck can get a break. Good grief, 3 years and he's put up with ya'll? How sad! OK, to summarize folks... here's the "good and kind" options: 1. Leave the neighborhood and move to Landfall (better yet, get out of Wilmington... being born and raised in Wilmington, my heart is saddened by this ridiculous treatment of fellow neighbors) 2. Reason with your neighbor and find some kind of compromise, if you know of a storage area, and you want the truck moved, it's your burden to carry to find out where the truck can be moved and work some reasonable compromise to help your neighbor get it there. 3. Let the neighbor continue his course of 3 years. You can continue to be disgruntled of course, but 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now... I get the impression that a measly truck will be the least of your worries... I get irritated being around semi-trucks and noisy ambulances... and noisy sirens of police-cars. Seems like anytime I get on the cellphone in front of a store or work ANYWHERE in town... an ambulance has to go screaming by. Now that's a nuisance that follows me everywhere it seems... but for the common good and for the consideration of the next person... I'm not going to complain about it. This truck? If anything it's only a nuisance... kindly grow up a bit people.


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