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Addicts selling to buy????

Hello!!! What drugs might you be on?? Drug dealers are not the users in most cases. The users are the ones out committing property crimes, stealing from their family,freinds and neighbors to support their habits. Have you ever seen a user driving around in a Lexus or the like, with rotten teeth??? I haven't either,, it's usually the dealers driving the fancy cars with gold and diamonds in their teeth and that's their habit. The average working person, aside from the highly educated could not afford what one sees downtown.It's the dealers that are the ones praying on the weak to support their habits. And believe me when I tell you, they make more money than most of us honest hard working people. It's a shame that our legislators don't see the need to make this crime less glamourous and put more backbone into the courtrooms. Let's try 3 strikes and you're out, life in prison for getting busted selling this poison. And as for the users, let's quit spending millions on repeat offenders, send them off too. I know,, this won't work, I have more sense than that. God knows this epidemic has got to stop.


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