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Then, let's drill!!!

It's about time someone woke up on this issue. While this is not the end-all solution and it will take time, it is a step in the right direction. In the meantime, why doesn't the price of wheat, corn, barley, rice and other forms of bulk food rise from 50 cents per bushel to $500.00 per bushel??? Our farmers might like to ride around in silver plated Rolls-Royces rather than their old green John-Deere tractors. Maybe they just want to gold plate their John-Deere and forget the Rolls. The farmers might like to have one of those gargantuan ski resorts in the middle of their Nebraskan corn fields, like the Saudis have in their Dubai desert. Heck, we need all the corn we can get here to produce ethanol, right? Perhaps when the Saudis learn that sand has no nutritional value, is hard on the teeth and doesn't digest very well, we can work out a viable deal here. Too bad I can't make that decision......I can hear the crunching, grinding and spitting from here.


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