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Offshore drilling - you underestimate their intentions

They don't CARE if gasoline rises to ten dollars a gallon. Their desire is to destroy the American way of life, and that serves their purpose. The worst thing that ever happened to the Left was the collapse of the Soviet Union, because they were supposed to destroy this horrible, Capitalist American way of life. Since they failed, we now have a concerted effort by the enviroloons to meld Socialism and Science into destroying America via environmental alarmism and standing in the way of anything that stabilizes our energy future. That's why Kyoto demanded economically crippling cuts from the industrialized nations only, and gave a pass to emerging economic powers such as China, Brazil, and India. That's why they stand in the way of offshore drilling or drilling in ANWR....and why they sue to stop nuclear plants......wind farms.....tidal generation systems.....and any other alternative energy that is available. If they can keep the confusion and obstructionism going, this nation will be brought to its knees. When you hear someone like Reid or Pelosi smugly commenting that offshore drilling will not start under their watch, you should remember Kruschev declaring that the Soviets would bury us. The "Soviets" are now simply voting Democratic and wearing Greenpeace T-shirts.


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