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But will it really help?

I have been listening closely to all this hoopla about drilling or not drilling offshore and in Alaska. I have tuned in to both the sides on the talk shows and heard way too many reasons for it or against it. The only thing I would ask about this is... With the oil companies in a World Market, will it really help us by drilling offshore? I could see it if we were the only ones to receive the oil from this action, but it is actually going to be anyone in the world with money. Then there is the question of refineries. If we are operating at peak capacity now, with no plans for increasing our refinery output, how will adding more oil help drop the price? There is always the angle of "supply and demand" that comes into the talks. But if the supply is increased, the price drops, the demand will go up...until we are back up to a greater demand than what we can supply, so the price once again will go up but with less options next time. I would be all for drilling offshore and in Alaska if we were absolutely guaranteed that we would not sale one drop of the oil to foriegn countries... it all stays in the US. Plus, we approve letting the oil companies build more refineries, or at least increase capacity of those we have, AND put in place a firm timetable for us to be off of oil dependancy entirely within 20-30 years.


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