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Alaskan oil: The quality and geography....

....make sending it to the Northwest Pacific Rim the smarter choice. They have lower environmental regulation, so the sour oil isn't as big a headache as it would be if we tried to refine it in the lower forty-eight. Since oil IS a global commodity, any increase in supply lowers global prices. It would be nice if we could simply say, "It all stays here," but the simple fact is that we do still live in a global economy. We need the freedom to send crummy oil to South Korea and import higher quality, easier refined oil from Mexico. Not all oil is created equal! The bottom line is that we need to be drilling offshore and in ANWR NOW, building new refineries NOW, and starting a massive shift in fuel allocation NOW. From what I have heard, that latter item is a key element of Pickens' plan. Get all of our electrical infrastructure powered by nuclear, wind, solar, and coal, freeing up natural gass for fuel consumption by cars, trucks, locomotives, etc. Then we only need petroleum for those prime movers that absolutely must use oil. We already have a massive infrastructure for distributing natural gas and we know that cars can run fine on natural gas. The plan is worthy of consideration.


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