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Public Housing

When My parents divorced in 61 my mother didn't have a great deal of choices as to where we'd live supporting us as a waitress in places that don't even exist there anymore. It took her over 3 years and a remarriage years later to get us above the poverty level. Many a Christmas would have been fairly dismall had it not been for the local JayCees that came around with food and a few presents. If public housing or Nesbitt Court hadn't existed at the time I'm sure it wouldv'e taken much longer ,we were never on welfare but if not for NB might well have been homeless for a time. In my stay there I remember hard working people, with pride. The place was clean. Everyone mowed their own lawn with a push mower supplied by the project, and I know of no one that had planned to live there permanently. The only advantage we ever took of NB was that it was there. I don't know if they're (whoever) is planning on rebuilding the site or another one but affordable housing will always be needed by some regardless of the majority economy. "For ye have the poor always with you.." [MT.26:11] And you're right, if you're suggesting that the nature of such a project should not be of a manner that would make the occupants dependant on it any longer than need be but even when I lived there we had a fan (no AC) ,heat..and even little entertainment, little compared to today..a TV (BW) with one station (WECT Ch.6...that's all there was at the time)and were comfortable for the most part. The problem would be for a family not to save and do without some things till they could move up which some young single parent families find hard to deal with. They see it as a 'catch 22'. My biggest concern however, are the very old and others (for various reasons) ..on fixed incomes..some of these folks had to 'trade down' but they deserve to have an affordable living space as much as anyone.


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