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The Change Starts In The Court System

Do you want to know what the real problem is? The problem is that DWI is bringing BIG PROFITS to the judicial system. We are talking revenue between 11-13 million just in New Hanover County alone. Want to know who gets the biggest piece of the pie? THE ATTORNEYS PROTECTING THESE IDIOTS! It's true...cases are "DISPOSED" of all the time...just like the Tracie Mills Kharbat case. Even after killing an innocent victim, the driver left the scene and was only charged with Death by Motor Vehicle and Felony Hit & Run. Then, three years later, finally he gets caught again drinking and driving. Remember that case? GUESS WHAT...THAT FELON almost got off AGAIN, because "someone" within the court system placed his so called conviction schuck into the vault to be "disposed" of. Are you kidding me....the fault is at the hands of our local DA's and court employees. If it wasn't for vigilante people keeping an eye on these folks, this guy would have gotten away AGAIN. Check the stats on repeat's amazing, and now, our DA's don't even want to call dockets in the open public to keep these vigilante people from finding out the stats on how cases are handled. WAKE UP PEOPLE...WE HAVE AN EPIDEMIC...AND IT'S RIGHT HERE IN YOUR BACKYARD. This is big business for everyone, and they certainly don't want that to go away!! Unfortunately, it is innocent people like Annie and Tracie who have paid the price for our elected officials mistakes. They may not make the law, but they can certainly enforce it each and every exception.


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