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A beautiful young girl gone at the hands of a drunk....

This like all other deaths at the hands of a Drunk driver is senseless. In many cases these people who are risking the lives of others is a crime that goes for the most part unpunished. Remenber, the jail is over crowded. One must sit in a court room and watch as defense attorneys pick apart the law and the judges that find in their favor and guess what,,,case dismissed, not guilty and so on. We as law abiding citizens need to flood our law makers with letters to make this a more serious crime and stop these murders at the hands of a drunk driver. While I agree with some of what "Fighting for Victims" had to say, I DO NOT agree that this is the fault of our ADA's who are running court every day. In most cases their hands are tied as a result of the law,,,nothing more nothing less. The young men and women of Law Enforcement that are out there on the streets trying to stop these people are only shot down when they are in court. Loopholes are getting these people off. And I think "Fighting for Victims" knows that. If we want to see a change, write your legislator, change the law. But rember it's going to take an army of many to achieve this not an army of one. Also look at the Judges that are finding in favor of the defense, perhaps they need to be held accountable at the polls. How many of us knew there is only one Judge that is being challenged this election year,,, I wonder why??? It's my understanding the challenger is a young woman by the name of Joy K. Alford Brand, I took the liberty to look her up this morning,,quite an impressive lady. I encourage people to check out her website joy4judge. The Court room is a public arena, I would suggest taking some time and go see what goes on there. Make changes as we "The People" see fit. We all need to get on the same page and re-write the laws and get rid of those that don't work.


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