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balanced coverage?

Balanced Coverage???? There has not been any balanced coverage on the ABC, NBC, or CBS in years. They continually push THEIR AGENDA onto the American people, as if they hope to accomplish mass brain washing to get the candiate of their choice voted into office. I resent the way they start covering the election results long before all the states have had a chance to vote. By the time the west coast states get around to voting all they hear is how the Democratic candiate is leading. In case memories are short, remember the Gore and Bush election? I saw how they actually had Gore as President hours before all the citizens had a chance to vote. How shocked the news reporters were when Bush actually won. I have lost faith with the media to ever do any objective reporting. I watch the local news for the weather. I don't watch the national news, I get my news from other sources that I feel are more objective. It is a known fact that ABC, NBC, CBS and some newspapers are controlled by left wingers that want to push their agenda onto the American people, be it the elections, scares of second hand smoke and global warming, drilling for oil in the USA or scares about what food we should or should not eat. Hmmmm, reminds me of some books I read, named "1984" and "Animal Farm".


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