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Journalists and ethics?

Kevin, by now you should have realized that you chose the wrong field if you wanted an occupation known for its ethics. Oh, I'm not saying that all journalists are inherently UN-ethical, but that they push ethics to the back burner when they stand in the way of a political agenda. I remember a story from back in the early Nineties, when the left was going crazy about "assault weapons." Tom Brokaw reported in depth about a shipping container filleds with Chinese-made ammunition seized by U.S Customs in Long Beach. He went on and on about the hundreds of thousands of rounds kept off the streets, how the ammunition was for AK-47s, "the choice of street gangs," blah, blah, blah.... The next week, when U.S. Customs said, "Oops," and released the shipping container to the importer who DID have the proper license and documentation, not a word was mentioned on NBC Nightly News. After all, the critical point wasn't really accurately reporting about that ammunition seizure, it was a chance to spread the left's line on the evil nature of assault weapons. Right now, NPR is presenting a series that is playing up the "total wonderfulness of national healthcare," by describing every nationalized health care system known to man, and how superior it is to what we American Neanderthals are willing to live with. Of course, they never mention the horror stories, such as a third of colo-rectal cancers progressing to untreatable and terminal in the UK while patients wait for space to open in National Health chemotherapy schedules. They don't bring up the patients who fly to the United States to pay out-of-pocket for an artificial joint, rather than face the two to three year wait Canadians face. They also seem to barely mention the insane income tax rates that support these national healthcare systems. Heck, I'd just appreciate a story on any radio or TV network that plays up the fact that five out of six Americans DO have health insurance, and asks if we're ready to mess around with most people's healthcare for the sake of that one other person. It's like patriotism and love of country. Journalists probably don't hate America, but journalist is the only occupation I know of where you place your occupation ahead of your own country, as evidenced by the stories coming out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Killing two-hundred targeted Taliban or Al Qaeda fighters will be mentioned in the fouth or fifth paragraph of a story entitled "American Airstrike Kills Three Civilians." Don't take it personal, Kevin, but your occupational choice truly does have you lying with dogs. I do hope you escape the fleas and hang on to your ethics as long as you can. If you ever move to network, however, be prepared to check those ethics at the door every day when you get to work.


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