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Look, I'm a democrat, born

Look, I'm a democrat, born and raised and secret service cleared to a level to work alongside Pres candidates in the campaign. Yet I, too, think the Obama-craze is a bit much. This is the first year I have lacked enthusiasm about an election. It's disappointing to me. I want to like Obama... he's my candidate, right? It's really hard, though, to jump on board with someone so many poorly informed individuals hail as a hero. He is not a tremendous candidate and if more people knew the difference between rhetoric and substance... they would be as frustrated with the situation as those of us in the know. For the record, not even everyone in Obama's camp feels great about the level of coverage. It can easily backfire. Underdogs in any competition (McCain) have a special sort of nostalgia in American culture. Did I support another candidate? Yes. Is that why I'm critical of the folks "drinking the Obama kool-aid?" No. I just want to see an honest election where someone actually has the guts to stand up and share their platform with me on an honest intellectual level. Not someone who just says what they assume will garner the most raucous roars from the crowd. Rock on democrats, rock on Obama, but do it with some reverence for the position we hope you ascend to in 2009. You are not any different from any other flesh and blood human being right now... but you have the potential for GREATNESS if you remain humble and accept the responsibility of carrying our dreams... not your dreams... on your shoulders.


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