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Fairness in news coverage?

I used to work in broadcast news many years ago, and back then we were held to a standard of fairness, particularly when it came to political campaigns and candidates. You made sure ALL candidates got a fair chance in front of the microphone, and there was a feeling among newspeople of an obligation to the public to try, as much as possible, to get the different views out in the open. That was back when news was reported in newscasts, and entertainment was left outside the newscasts. Now, on the local level, the evening news (usually 90 minutes worth)is more fluff and a toned-down "Entertainment Tonight" program than it is real journalism. They have more time to devote to stories, to develop stories and give real information to the viewing/listening public, but it's wasted, time and time again. As for fairness, it's gone out the window. Again, even on the local level, candidate "debates" aren't true debates of issues, they're simply mudslinging contests. Sad, sad, sad. Like one of the other folks responding to this piece, I too get my news from more than one source, always have. I read and listen to the left and the right, figuring the truth lies somewhere in the middle.


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