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Other Media Coverage Barometers

Well hello old friend... I understand your thoughts here. When it comes to presidential candidates, we need to strive for equal coverage, but volume can't be the only barometer we measure our media coverage by. One may have more volume in coverage than the other for a variety of reasons, but if the coverage is more negative toward one, that also needs to be taken into account. The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, which has studied network news since the 1980's, analyzed coverage on CBS, ABC, and NBC, and found that when reporters, anchors, and analysts expressed any opinion, they were significantly more negative toward Obama..... so of the on-air statements made about each candidate, 72% of comments made toward Obama were negative, while 57% of comments toward McCain were negative. On the flip side, 28% of comments made toward or about Obama were positive compared to McCain at 43%. So according to this non-partisan study, media coverage has been 15% more negative toward Obama. And just to back up the legitimacy of the Center for Media and Public Affairs, a 2006 study found networks giving far more positive coverage to Dems than Reps, a finding which right wing hosts like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck praised... so this group is hardly "in the bag" for Democrats. Another interesting tidbit is that the situation was reversed during the primaries... Obama 62% positive, mccain 34% positive... and Obama 38% negative, mccain 66% negative.


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