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Uh... you can scratch CBS

Uh... you can scratch CBS off that list, maestro. I'm sure you're aware of Couric's recent interview with McCain in which an answer he gave was edited out and replaced with an answer he gave to a previous question. In his original answer, he gave an inaccurate portrayal of the timeline regarding the "Surge" and "Sunni Awakening," and in the answer which was edited in to replace this flub, he gives a negative statement that attacks Obama's character... "He'd rather lose a war than lose an election." Included in statement offered by CBS... "Mistakes happen." Well, those of us in the business, whether a reporter, photographer, or editor... we know mistakes of that magnitude don't just happen. It takes intention to go in and clip out one answer and actually insert another one... especially with such a high-profile interview... now who made that call is the question. Was it Couric, a producer, or higher? I haven't seen such irresponsible journalism on a national level ever, excluding FOX NEWS, of course.


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