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Severe Inflation

Ok, once again, lets have a look at the truth of these numbers. 1 bag of heroin = $20(max) $100,000/2,000 bags=$50 per bag The maximum value of this heroin if $40,000. Often the "value" of drugs are inflated by law enforcement because the drugs will be cut before they get to the user, especially in dealing with large qauntities of cocaine and heroin. In the case of this heroin, it is already packed individually and rarely if ever is the cut further(usually because brands or "stamps" have an expected purity level which users know to pursue.) These bags go for $20 at the most, and usually less if a user buys several(While bags are typically thought of as a dose, quality depending, most users consume more than one at a time.) Also, these bags typically weigh .06g or 6/100 of a gram. Therefore, the weight of this seizure is likely 120 grams - a little less than an eighth kilogram and a little more than a qaurter of a pound. While this is no small amount, it is a mere drop in the bucket of what this town consumes in say a week. As for the gentlemen who were transporting the drugs, they are facing a substantial amount of time in prison. If prosecuted in state court they will receive approx. 18-23 years for each count of trafficking (NC laws allow for multiple charges of trafficking arrising from a single incident or seizure, i.e. trafficking by possession, trafficking by transport, trafficking by conspiracy, etc.) If they are federally prosecuted many factors will be considered (Prior criminal history, presence of gun in vehicle, cooperation with authorities of accused and others, duration and amount of drugs attributed to their conspiracy to distribute, and many more.) I will say that this is a sign of good work on behalf of the Sheriff's Vice and Narcotics team, but the plain and simple false numbers they are reporting is unacceptable. They know good and well how the drug game goes as they deal with users and dealers daily and get their information primarily from these folks (You don't think they just happened upon 120 grams of heroin, do you?) As for the defendants, better see about a plea bargain!


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