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"Severe Inflation" has severe jealousy

So.. Mr. False Numbers.. what is your deal? Some of these respondents think you're a drug user or a drug dealer. No folks.. he's none of those. He's a former cop who couldn't make it and now has to bash the Sheriff's Office in any way he can to retaliate. That's how he knows so much about the weights and the cuts. The fact is that it really doesn't matter what the weight is and it doesn't matter how they recovered it. What matters is that it's off the streets of New Hanover County. Don't try to bring down the rest of the county with your negative comments. These guys do the best they can with what they've got... don't be jealous, be proud. Oh, and if your going to be defensive with fancy numbers and such, at least use spell check. "Qauntities" is spelled quantities. Be proud of those who serve this county!


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