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Not his Crime

It's true that not everyone is guilty and it's sad how people are so quick to judge without knowing all the circumstances, especially when we are talking about someone like Joe Perry. I've worked with Joe for over 5 years and know him to be a warm, kind, caring man with an incredible work ethic. He even called from prison to let us know that he would not be in as he was worried about losing his jobs, yes JOBS, 3 of them. He had been looking into a 4th part-time job in security because his wife was complaining that they didn't have enough money. His wife, one of the others being held in this case, had gotten sick quite awhile back and he stayed by her side, cared for her and their 2 children AND kept working to pay the bills. I ask you, would a drug dealer work that much?? Several weeks back, Joe confided to me that he and his wife had split up and that she had asked him to leave because she wanted to lead her own life. He was devistated. He was staying with his mom and would go back to his house on occassion to watch/visit his two girls and/or use the computer at his house. He hadn't even been living in the house, how could he have known what was going on??? The house belongs to him, but the heroine didn't, I believe this in my heart and so do the people I know that know Joe. As for me, I miss my friend very much and would gladly stand up for him in court if need be. He is an honest, hardworking man and doesn't deserve what has happened to him. As for the other 2, I pray that justice will serve them what they deserve for what they were trying to do to society and for what they have put my friend Joe and his family through. If there is ONE innocent man in all of New Hanover County prison, it is Joe Perry. We miss you Joe. You are in our prayers.


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