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"violent breeds"

FYI on violent dog breeds. Number one most violent dog breed right now is the Dachshund, followed by the Jack Russell, and third is a Chihuahua. Smaller dogs do tend to be more "aggressive" because of their small size. Though not reported as aggressive because they are so small, and their bites generally don't hurt. Or people laugh and think it's cute that a 3 pound dog is growling. In Europe the Pit-bull is also known as the "nanny dog" because it is SO good with children. However, here in America is the top most aggressive bred. Because WE have made it so. Yes they are big, Yes they can cause harm. IF they are TRAINED to do so. A Lab or Golden Retriever can be JUST as harmful as a Pit. A family member of mine has a 12 month old little boy and two HUGE, 90lb and 80lb, Pit's. They are the best, better than my Lab, with him. My Lab is tolerant, but will growl if she doesn't like something (she has never snapped or bitten a person). These two dogs will let him crawl on him, pull their tails and ears, and they even let him pull their tongues! I have never heard them ONCE growl at him. Because they were trained correctly. I feel sorry for Heat, it was obviously not brought up or trained like a dog should have been. The people should feel horrible because they killed this dog themselves. And I agree that they should not be allowed to have any dogs in their possession. I can guarantee that as soon as Heat is put down, they will go out and purchase another Pit and slack in the training department and he will end up just as aggressive as Heat.


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