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Why neutering neglected?

How ironic, the pit bull named "Heat" and yet another owner who neglects/refuses to get their dog or cat altered! "Why not?" I ask... Can anyone give just ONE good reason? Even if the dog had no prior aggression issues, as the owners stated, what about the issue of overwhelming pet overpopulation in southeastern North Carolina? Do these irresponsible dog owners have any idea *at all* how many innocent, defenseless pets are euthanized (killed) at animal control on a weekly basis, just because there are simply not enough homes for them! -_- Add to this the prevalence of pit bulls being deliberately bred and trained for illegal, dangerous dogfighting; or to bolster someone's so-called tough "gangsta" image (stupidity taken to the max), and mere irresponsibility degenerates into cruelty. Thanks and kudos to animal welfare groups like Best Friends (who rescued Michael Vick's dogs) and the many smaller volunteer breed rescue groups all over this great country of ours who have made efforts to save these poor neglected and abused pets; but why should they have to pick up the pieces? It's high time local pet owners were legally held responsible for spaying and neutering LONG BEFORE something like this happens! I've heard people say stuff like, "I want my dog to be protective," as an excuse why they won't get their dog altered. That's just a crock! ANY neutered dog, if properly raised and trained should know how to discern a threatening emergency situation and will act accordingly. If the dog is too aggressive to be around people outside of it's immediate family in ordinary, everyday situations, it is TOO aggressive, period. As well as certain health benefits for the animal, spaying and neutering often bring a calming influence since the pet no longer has the compulsive drive to breed. Unless you are a low-volume dedicated responsible breeder of pedigreed dogs (or cats) who is knowledgeable in genetics, and have a long term vested interest in the health and welfare of the animals you produce, you simply have no business leaving your pets intact.


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