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pit bulls

Working in the dog field, the most aggressive dogs I see in this area is AMERICAS favorite The Golden Retriever!!! The AKC standard states "the golden should be friendly,reliable,& trustworthy." The people that breed a tempermant any different than that should be at fault. Of course pit bulls dont have a standard with AKC since they are just a rednecks mix. You have no idea what you will get with that type of dog. And as far as dachshunds being aggressive..... it is not that they are small. Dachshund in German means badger dog. They are bred to hunt badger,wild boar,& rabbits and they are still used for that purpose today with the right owner. The AKC standard for a dachshund tempermant states" Dachshunds should be clever,lively, & courageous to the point of rashness." My point in this whole comment is that people need to start being responsible for the dogs they raise and breed. Backyard breeders have no idea what a AKC standard is and they just breed crappy dogs with crappy attitudes who then end up with crappy owners! Breeders and owners need to do a little more research on the breeds they have and learn how to manage them. It is time for people to take responsibility for their dogs actions.


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