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McIntyre's responses

I've found McIntyre's canned responses to be rather tripe. To send his office a letter regarding IraN, and to receive a letter regarding IraQ is hardly answering the question. I'd like to know why Mike McIntyre, a supposed Liberal Democrat, committed to protecting the civil liberties of his constituents in our District, would repeatedly vote the Neo-Con agenda. Patriot Act 1&2, Military Commissions Act, the new FISA bill, etc etc. Why did he refuse to vote on going to war with Iraq? Why does he refuse to vote AGAINST funding the war? There is a (D) next to his name, but if you judge him by his voting record, he is a Bush Neo-Con. Hardly REPRESENTATIVE of this district... To say Mike McIntyre does not need to publicly debate his opponent is an insult to the people of this district. Since when does our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE not need to explain himself to those who elected him? Since when is he too good to participate in the electoral process? I think it is time we voted out this incumbent. I doubt I can count on your help in this, because you are willfully blind and ignorant to what is REALLY going on. ANY Congressional office is supposed to help their constituents get what is coming to them from the Government. This mainly deals with Veteran's Affairs. But ANY Rep's staff would have done the same thing for you, that is their job. To not hold him responsible on the rest of his job, just cause he helped you personally, is irresponsible, and a betrayal of your neighbors. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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