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That intersection does have it's problems, but so do all the other ones on that stretch of Castle Hayne Road, especially at GE's shift change. Old Mill, Oakley, and Holland are just as bad. But this tragedy was from a vehicle already on Castle Hayne Rd making a left onto Rock Hill Rd. on a Saturday when the traffic is minimal there. I ride a bike, and that intersection always scares me. The majority of cars at that intersection do not completely stop before making their turn. I'm always on the high alert when coming up to that corner. I have wondered in the past why the drivers at this intersection seem to be worst than the other ones just a short distance away, but they are. Although I just learned their names today, I have not been able to get Larry and Joy out of my mind since seeing that accident scene Saturday night, my heart goes out to their family's and loved ones. And I would also like to say that this did happen at night so I don't see how motorcycle visibility was the problem, I believe that drunk would have done the same thing in front of a car. I wonder why this story didn't focus on that (the drunk) instead of some complaints about the intersection. The reason it's hard to see is because instead of waiting to get to the stop sign, there are usually two cars side by side, one turning left and the other turning right. There is plenty of visibility at that intersection!!! I'm just glad that the business at that corner put some parking blocks in their parking lot, before that people would just cut the corner while the other two cars were at the intersection, it was crazy. I don't know what goes on down that road, but I see sheriff cars with lights on turning into that neighborhood all the time. (even more than down Oakley Rd ) Could it be all the section 8 housing? Because it seems to me that the general attitude of the drives coming off that road think that they don't have to follow the rules. They certainly don't have any respect for anybody else on the road. If you don't believe me, ride up and down Castle Hayne Rd a few times ... I'll bet you someone cuts you off coming out of Rock Hill Rd. So if the state puts a light there, everyone watch out for the rolling right turn on red ... because it's not going to solve anything and it certainly isn't going to bring Curt his uncle back.


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