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It's so simple..

I see it all the time, what commonsense is saying. How hard is it to make a right turn, merge into the left lane, make a u-turn. Half of these crashes would not occur if people were not allowed to do half of what they do. Why can you still make a left turn out of the Food Lion Parking lot on S College Rd.? makes no sense. Yes, sometimes there is light to no traffic, but how hard is it to turn right, then u-turn it back north. Simple, very cost friendly repairs = less time spent waiting in traffic due to backed up traffic because an idiot just "had to go left". And to clarify, .03 has nothing to do with being impaired. As we already covered .08 is the "magic" number that allows Magistrates and Judges to do certain things to your drivers license. You can be charged and convicted at .01, just because he blew a .03 does not help his case. He hit and killed two people. Yes alcohol may have been a .03, but what if there were other substances inside the body? Think about that. The trooper is doing the right thing. Get a Search warrant for his blood if he had any taken at the hospital. We all make bad mistakes, I may have not seen the motorcycle coming, this could have been my mom driving the car. But, if you are going to drink, be careful. You may go 1 mile, make one bad turn, and kill two people. Then if you blow 0.00 it's just what it is, an accident.


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