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Hey - you think traffic's

Hey - you think traffic's bad now? - Just wait until school starts back - these drivers around here in my territory -(Holland - Oakley-Rockhill - ets.) drive like bats-out-of-H who are being chased by the hounds-of-H! I mean I've seen vehiclesn pass each other on the wrong sides of the road only because they were driving way too fast around these multiple-and-dangerous curves (which were planned that way so as to cause the drivers to slow down-HA!) - and ever since we moved here in 1993 we've been trying to get signals put up at al these intersections, not just ours. So - what will probably be happening is more accidents, not fewer, when school starts back in full session - and that is not very long from right now! (p.s. I would not even feel safe on the highway not even in a Sherman Tank the way drivers and traffic are not only here but in the entire New Hanover County area!!)


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