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Ok so the reason behind why the group rolls on through red lights is for our safety and for us to get out of the way faster. Think of it this way: what would you rather large group or several small groups spaced out over a large area to slow down traffic again and again? Also as a cyclist each of us is safer in one large group instead of smaller groups. The goal of a critical mass ride is to show unity and try and educate drivers on the rights of cyclists. So that being said if we stopped at the red lights when half or 1/4 or 1/3 of the group made it through the light we would most likely mess up traffic even more and we would be less safe. It is better for everyone if we stay together as a group. If we do it that way we are in and out of the way in a couple minutes. If you slow us down and break us up into several groups we will be downtown slowing traffic down even longer then before. Granted we do need to try and get the cyclists to stay in as few lanes as possible and keep the group as together as possible but thats what happens when there is no leader. All we ask is some understanding and patience. Just wait a minute and we will be out of the way. I promise! Be safe. AJ


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