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Bikers and aware...

I too, live on both sides of the wheel... Drivers: Why drive dangerously close to me when you have plenty of room on the road? Why is it funny to swerve at me and laugh when I run up on a lawn to avoid you? Why yell at me and call me names when I am neither in your way or slowing you down? Bikers: Why do you pull past stopped traffic in a left turn lane only to pull in front of the cars at the light change and proceed straight? Why do you ride on the double yellow line on a wide, two lane road so that faster moving vehicles can not safely pass you? All of us: Why do we not use common sense and courtesy while on the roads? Most accidents in Wilmington are caused by drivers NOT paying attention to their surroundings and who is on the road with them. We have all become so complacent while driving that many of us get from point a to point b without even remembering the ride. While stopped at a red light or approaching an intersection with a green light...look around and make sure passage is safe and clear. Because even if you have the "right" to pass, it is not always safe to excercise that "right". Critical mass year, ask the Wilm. PD to provide a safety escort. The officer will accompany you on the route and block intersections so that you may pass thru safety and en masse. Drivers will see flashing lights and be aware that something may upset thier traffic flow. The escort will also provide you with more visiblity and more people will become aware of what you are doing and why! Talk about awareness... Lastly, with all of the money spent on promotion of the upcoming changes in tv accesibility.... maybe the county and city could put more public service announcements to make our roads safer. Be aware, be courteous, be safe.


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