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I already avoid it

I will not be one of the people attending the "meeting" in reference to this proposal. Just in looking at the plan here and in the paper it is still clear that you are going to have to make a left turn somewhere, maybe not at the "big" intersection, in fact people turning left onto College to go south from Oleander will make 2 left turns based on the plan. What? 2 left turns to make one? To make a left from Oleander to go north on College you will take a 5 minute detour, go thru the light, turn right on Parkway, turn right on College, cross back over the road you were on originally and go north, then you stop at Peachtree, Wrightsville and then maybe you continue on. 10 to 15 minutes minimum at peak times just to turn left? No thanks , I will take my current 5 minute wait. Can you say "cut thru traffic" in neighborhoods will go up 1 billion percent? I already avoid this intersection at the peak times. In fact I try not to go North thru there at most times. A possible solution would be to widen Long Leaf Dr. 5 lanes all the way to Oleander from Shipyard. Just a straight road which allows truck and beach traffic around this intersection. They already use it. This would have 1 half of your traffic avoiding the intersection all together. Sorry residents, somebodys go to give. Or, knock down the drug stores (trust me they will rebuild, they sprout up like mushrooms around here) and just do the overpass. There are several great designs being used now, unlike the traditional on off ramps, high bridges, etc..DOT knows about these, I have seen several sprout up on I-40 in the Raliegh area over the last three years and in other areas of the country. Not to keep bashing this plan but has the DOT rode thru Hwy 17 in Leland lately. 10 stoplights in 2 miles, all changing at different times, most 1/4 of a mile apart at most. Now can you imagine the sign's we will have to put up to guide people thru this intersection, the confusion to our already high in tourist area? Take the example above about turning left to go to the College on "move in day". Look, there is no simple solution but this is stupid (for lack of a better word). If you are going to have to buy property anyway on Parkway then just spend it purchasing Commercial property at the intersection, build the overpass, move forward.


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