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me and friend hung out there tonite

yo man dat thing is bangin me and my friends all went there tonite to hang out round 9:00pm. when i was told that it was hauntted i didnt want to go but i went any wayz. there is this long a** road you gotta go down it took up and half anf hour thats how long it was to get htere then there it wqas BAM in fron of you the building. Whenn i looked in it i was like im not goion up there im get killed from these holes in the floor and the bricks ever where and the stairs wat the hell im not goin to die this young. Then they told me that the owner was found haning in the builfing i was liek greeat now im see a dead person haunting the place chaseing us out his building. Then they told me that a girl was drunk and fell down the elveltor shelf i was like great now we delfinalty going to die. We in the same place to people died at wat the hell man but please dont tear it down its a greeat history and to tell you the truth if you guys put up a sing that had everything on it wat went on there people would learn a lot but its not safe for litle kids to be goin to with all them holes in the ground i was like wat is that hole for everyone was like shut up. I was like im fall in a hole. But if you like history that is a place to be to learn bout everything that went oner there its really neat.


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