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Sorry lady, but your unwarranted fears are not going to make your children any safer. Neither will more stupid legislation. As a registered ex-sex offender for a non-violent and victimless crime(yes there is such a thing), I have been to counseling sessions with many sex offenders of all types. Of about 200 offenders, not one of them committed an offense with someone they didn't know very well or was related to. Stranger danger is a rare occurance but fuels the fear of parents like you. They can ban me from the parks, but it only means I'll have to walk my dog down someone's street in a neighborhood full of kids. They can ban me from living in certain areas but that only means I'll have to live next door to someone else's children. I'll still use the library, go to the supermarket, beach, go to the mall, and attend ball games. You'll never know who I am and your fear will persist. Meanwhile, your focus will be on me and others labled like me, while the likelyhood of someone molesting your child, if it's going to happen, will be one of your friends, relatives, or other close person to your child. Think about it. How many more stupid laws will make you feel safe ???


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