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My mind is trying to wrap around how you could have no victim and a few things came to mind. I am WELL aware of the habits of pedophiles. Having known 1 personally many years ago(he just got out of prison) and knowing a girl who was a target for one. BOTH of these child molesters preyed on other peoples children that they had befriended. It is true that the majority of molesters prey on children that they have access to on a regular basis. The reason for this is "grooming". They have to groom the child to trust them, befriend them to make the child feel safe with them. This is why a lot of molestation goes unreported for so long because the child feels a sort of bond or attachment to their attacker. Being aware of the psychological makeup of pedophiles I had no fear for my kids. I was very aware what was going on. But I was also very active in their lives and watched them like a hawk in public. I disagree with the ALL for one label of "sex offender". Most people think "child molester" when they hear that term. There needs to be a separate "list" for people that prey on children. Pedophiles are a totally different breed than adult rapists, flashers and young guys who have sex with their G/F before she is old enough.


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