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about the park

I fell this about the park I think it is a good idea and a bad idea. If someone just got out of jail and on probation and is a sex offender keeping them out of the park is a good idea, try to keep them away from kids much as possible. Some sex offenders do change they are on the list for life now which that is wrong in the first place, I fell this they had the law for ten years they can get back to a normal life now they will are stuck for life on the list. I fell this if a sex offender had not done anything in nine years and wants to go for a walk or ride is bike around greenfield lake that should be his right. You cannot tell people were they can and cannot go that would like telling a shop liffter they cannot go to walmart since they stole somthing. I fell the state and the city will get suied over this one it actually does affect there rights unless they are on probabtion and a sexual pederator.


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