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"Even if she didn't kill the

"Even if she didn't kill the child, she left him with someone who did and that makes her negligent." And that would go the same for anyone who leaves their child with a babysitter, or a childcare facility, a family friend,... and, god forbid, something fatal happens? Would you call that negligence? Would you Fry that person in the blogs. Anyhow, I wasn't arguing whether or not she is guilty, my remarks were for the posts i read, and not just this case, that the posters have a person convicted based on what the "media" told them. I see them in a lot of articles that a crime is reported. If I were to read an article that reported a man was "accused" of raping and robbing an 80 year old gramdmother, after the article, I am positive I would see the same angry mob, outraged at the thought of that actually happening, would have the poor sucker crucified in the comments before the sun went down.


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